Time and again questions arise in conversations regarding obscure topics.  Regularly they are the discussions either briefly covered by the “mainstream” media or not at all.  Information is scarce and too often hearsay.  These are stories that many may feel in a family setting to be taboo such as politics, religion or the always least favorable conspiracy theory’s.  Therefore the I post them here for discussion.


From points of doctrine to established religion there are many things to discuss.  Personally over the years I’ve enjoyed many conversations from the abstract and hypothetical to the more common and agreed upon topics.  In my own way I’ve tried to organize my thoughts and have since come up with these topics to share for your consideration and input:

The Absolutes of the Gospel

Generically many would describe the Gospel of Christ as the following:

  1. Love God and our neighbors.
  2. Keep the commandments.
  3. Repent of our wrongdoings.
  4. Search out our kindred dead and receive the saving ordinances of the gospel for them.
  5. Attend our Church meetings as regularly as possible so we can renew our baptismal covenants by partaking of the sacrament.
  6. Love our family members and strengthen them in the ways of the Lord.
  7. Have family and individual prayers every day.
  8. Teach the gospel to others by word and example.
  9. Study the scriptures.
  10. Listen to and obey the inspired words of the prophets of the Lord.

What however are the “Absolutes of the Gospel” that are not abstract such as the characteristics of God we each aspire – obedience, charity, repentance, etc.  They are essential for each individual’s heavenly progression but such characteristics are ever elusive hence the phrase “enduring to the end”.  So what are the specific covenants and ordinances without which all is but in vain.  I say “vain” to be clear that all without Christ is for not.  Without His Grace we cannot be saved let alone exalted (see Moroni 10:21, Alma 5:21, Acts 15:11 etc.)

He commands us all to receive certain ordinances, hence I refer to these as The Absolutes of the Gospel:

  1. We must be baptized.
  2. We must receive the laying on of hands to be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  3. Brethren must receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and magnify their callings in the priesthood.
  4. We must be Washed and Anointed.
  5. We must receive the temple endowment.
  6. We must be married for eternity, Celestial Marriage.
  7. We must receive a Second Anointing.

To this I have also added my testimony of Jesus the Christ.  It is here that I wish to document and share my feeling and appreciate to my Lord and Savior.

Because of my faith I have found the conversations regarding Christianity and Mormonism of great interest and import.  As such I took the time to consider the two and prepared this clarity on the topic – Christianity & Mormonism.

In the process I also gathered the following:

Comparisons between Mormons and Jews

The Basic LDS (Mormon) beliefs

The Family

The Living Christ

The Articles of Faith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

* The Articles of Faith – details


Within the United States of America there are many tenants that make the country unique allowing this national experiment to work.  Among them are what I’ve accepted as the Key 3 that allow for the continuation of this great effort.  They are God, Guns and Guts.

As such I have taken the time to consider each and their influence on the American culture and dream.  Therefore I’ve created this new site to commit to its discussion and study. God, Guns and Guts Made American Free.

GodGunsGutsWhen I was much younger my father wore a belt buckle that said the following:  “God, Guns & Guts Made America Free”.  For me it was more than the words themselves, it was the message that they represented which I identified with.

In my formative years I recall a good balance between Faith and Patriotism.  Not only do I consider myself a God fearing individual but someone committed to the freedoms and liberties afforded here within the United States of America.  This is not to suggest there is either a religious or secular perfection but rather the pursuit of it.  For this reason I post articles for consideration and discussion.

Prudence, Not Paranoia

In the parable of The Ten Virgins, the Savior taught us how to prepare for His Second Coming.

In these last days, the Lord has said, “Be faithful, praying always, having your lamps trimmed and burning, and oil with you, that you may be ready at the coming of the Bridegroom” (D&C 33:17). This counsel refers to the parable of the ten virgins, which illustrates how we are to prepare for Christ’s Second Coming (see Matthew 25:1–13).

Recently I was called to work in our church congregation (ward) as the “Emergency Preparedness Specialist”. As such I was asked to look at the individual and family short term and long term needs. In addition I was asked to prepare for more than just the common life tragedies and trials but also disasters of various types after the recent world events.

Hence I created this site in an effort to help myself and others better prepare for unfortunate and untimely events that are destined to occur in each of our lives.  For me it is simple the principle of Prudence, not Paranoia.

Consider this:

Prophets Have Warned

An Invitation to America

Celestial Self-Reliance


Many years ago I researched and wrote regarding the question, who are the gentiles.  In preparation for a book I plan to publish I have prepared this attached document for review and feedback.  I look forward to your input and suggestions before I move forward.

Gentiles? The Time and Season of the Gentiles

It is this desire for truth that I find appealing.  It is with those that share similar goals and interests that I find stimulating thought.  For these reasons I have worked to provide the before mentioned  websites for thoughtful consideration and education.


To be a Watchman on the Tower unto the people is no small assignment. It carries with it a tremendous responsibility to warn the people of impending calamities if they refuse to alter their downward course.

The Tower represents our homes and communities.

We must become watchmen upon our own towers and keep the enemy from destroying ourselves and our families. We must have a good relationship with our spouse and raise our children in righteousness.

We also have a civic responsibility to be involved in strengthening our communities, and standing up for correct principles and good government. As more and more people stand up for what is right within our communities, they will be protected from the evils of the world, for “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty“.

Maybe this is my formal disclaimer but I would rather be clear.  Regardless of whether I believe or not what I have posted I am interested in the conversation, more information and the opinions of others.  Notice that often my posts are without my thoughts, I’m looking to start a discussion and anticipate your comments.  Please post your thoughts as well as supporting information and I will reply.

Visit the “Recent Posts” page for the most current topics.  In the right hand navigation notice the recent comments section to see what is currently being discussed.  See the list of the newest posts but also review the list of categories as I am sure you will find many that will interest you.

I look forward to your input and our future discussions.

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