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As the IRS begins its push to regulate tax preparers here is the noise that it is starting to create in the accounting world.

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Wall Street Journal: IRS to Boost Oversight of Paid Tax-Return Preparers

The Internal Revenue Service said it will begin requiring paid tax-return preparers to register with the agency, take competency exams and meet continuing-education requirements. Attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents won’t be subject to the new testing and education plans. The changes will take years to implement and won’t be in effect for the 2010 filing season, the IRS said.


USA Today: Ask an Expert: Top 10 trends in small business continued

Part two in a series – offers opportunity for a comment, or blog post.

WallStreetJournal: For More Workers, Home Is Where the Office Is

The home is the new hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. For those who have temporarily joined the ranks of the self-employed, a home office is the natural (and cheapest) place to get work done.

Web CPA: Senate Plans Action on Tax Extenders

SmallBizTrends: Top 10 Trends in Accounting and Taxes in 2010

Here are the top 10 trends for 2010. Taxes will continue to be used for social engineering, to encourage job creation, help the unemployed, provide incentives for going green, assist U.S. companies going global, and ensure that most Americans have health coverage.

WebCPA: Small Business Economic Confidence Stabilizes

More small-business owners see conditions for their own businesses getting better in the next six months, according to the Discover Small Business Watch, whose index improved slightly in December to 77.0 from 76.5 in November.
This is a slideshow/powerpoint to show where are the best places to launch a business according to costs, tax breaks, loan access, and business climate.

BusinessWeek: Think Twice Before Investing Everything in Your Business

Most small business owners invest everything they have in possession into their business from the heart and soul to their life savings. All too often does it end in disappointment?

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