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Introducing the first three books of the ‘Linear Bible Code’ Series offered to the public.
danielThis volume contains the hidden book of Daniel. It was discovered by Gustav Mahler in 2004. The Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Scriptures (or, the Old Testament) originally was written in
Hebrew and Aramaic. The ‘Linear Bible Code’ consists of reversing the Hebrew/Aramaic Text so that the first letter, for example, of chapter 1.1 becomes in fact the last letter in the decoded book. This is a simple anagram. The second book is the Sealed Book mentioned in Daniel. There it will be recalled that the Angel instructed Daniel to seal up the vision until the End. This sealed book is called ‘The Book of Wailing’ as is revealed within the hidden text.
The present volume not only contains the sealed book revealed and translated but also a new translation of the Book of Daniel itself.
The book “Daniel: Decoded, The Complete Book of Prophecy, THE TEXT, is a book written for our day. It contains many references to the on-going history of the world with references to the Sunni faction in Islam as well as the depletion of the aquifers worldwide. The main import of the hidden book deals with the Hebrew Messiah who will come twice to fulfill his Father’s Plan for humanity. The first visit coincides remarkably with Jesus of Nazareth and describes his earthly mission. His birth, ministry and death share parallels with this Jesus or as he is known in the book ‘Yeshua’ and ‘the Mark’. Because Daniel was composed long before Jesus’ birth this hidden vision should awaken Jews today to the fact that their Messiah already came and fulfilled the first part of his Father’s Plan. The second part of Daniel: Decoded reveals the future mission of this same Messiah/Jesus who will come in judgment.
This first volume in the ‘Linear Bible Code’ Series is illustrated with maps and color and black and white illustrations. It also contains extensive Notes on the translation of the text and its meaning. Finally, an exhaustive General Index is included to assist the reader in referencing the many topics in the newly revealed vision. The book is 474 pages in length and is available only as an E-Book.

Price is $10.

It is for sale at: Gustav Mahler, PO Box 96, Dove Creek, CO 81324. Make checks or money orders to ‘Gustav Mahler’.

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