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hoseaThis third volume is the hidden book of Hosea, one of twelve Minor Prophets found in the Hebrew Scriptures, (or, Old Testament). This volume like its two predecessors when read in the reverse order of the Hebrew letters reveals astounding facts lain hidden for centuries.
Hosea was written many hundreds of years prior to Jesus of Nazareth. Yet it contains some of the most sublime prophecies of the Savior – Messiah.
The main themes of the back text of Hosea are: ‘The Waters’, ‘Restoration’, ‘Healing’, ‘The Law’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Struggle’.
There are several repeating auxiliary themes. These are: ‘Death’, ‘Light and Darkness’, ‘Lamentation and Wailing’ and ‘Time’.
BONUS MATERIAL: The decoded text of Genesis chapters 1-9. This text is decoded using the ‘Linear Bible Code’ that was so effective in deciphering Daniel, Zechariah and Hosea.
The Back Text of Hosea contains “An Introduction to the Linear Bible Code” as well a lengthy introduction to the themes in Hosea.
The book is illustrated with color pictures showing their association with the Back Text Scriptural Hosea. The volume is 370 pages in length. The student and scholar will be delighted to have added lengthy ‘Remarks’ as well as Notes and Commentary. There is also the now familiar General Index to Hosea.
This volume follows the format of the first two volumes of the ‘Linear Bible Code’ Series.

The Price is $10.

This book is only available as an E-Book at : Gustav Mahler, PO Box 96, Dove Creek, CO 81324. Make checks or money orders out to “Gustav Mahler”.

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