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zechariahThe second volume is the decoding of the Book of Zechariah found in the Hebrew Scriptures, (or, the Old Testament).

This volume when decoded using the ‘Linear Bible Code’ reveals Zechariah’s hidden messages for our own day. The entire book of Zechariah reversed is divided into Hebrew and translated into English. The main thrust of the hidden prophecies center on the Jewish Messiah. Just like Daniel’s sealed book revealed these prophecies cite the missionary activities of  Yeshua, or Jesus as known to English readers.
These prophecies also refer to his act of redemption of the human family in two phases. The first was his mortal life and death among the Jewish people. Because Zechariah was written seven hundred years before Jesus of Nazareth, the savior of mankind, we are reading a text that speaks of his mission in the future tense.
The Text of this decoded book has been subdivided by Gustav Mahler. The headings to these subsections are derived literally, in most cases, from the Text itself. Some of the subheadings are: The Lament of God; The Clean One Died A Reputation Above Desire; The Temple is Cut Off; YAH Appeared. He Surpasses In Whiteness His Own Son; My Witness Shall Purify a Morsel; The Return: The Plan and Restoration, The Man of Sackcloth and the Dogs of the Shoah, The Moel (The First Born of Superiority), A Multitude Made White, The Restoration With Stripes, The Window of Grace, ‘The Mark’ Cast Off the Offense For Thee.

Price is $10.

This books is available only as an E-Book at: Gustav Mahler, PO Box 96, Dove Creek, CO 81324. Makes checks or money orders out to ‘Gustav Mahler’
262 pages, maps, illustrations in color and black and white; Notes and Commentary with an extensive General Index.

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