Daniel: Decoded – Contents


Table of Contents

A Guest Forward by Ronnie McMullen Daniel /9

Preface to the First and Second Editions /11
A Note from the Editor and Translator /12
A Note on the Revised Second Edition/14
The Preface to the Third Edition/16
The Introduction /19
Illustration: A Goblet /26
Map I /27
Map II /61
Map III /62
Map IV /63


The Forward Text of Daniel chapters 1-12 /28
Essentials to Translating Daniel /28
The Two Languages /29
Textual Transmission /31
The Long and the Short of It /32

The Text of Daniel /33
The Forward Text: The Translation


The Backward Text of Daniel chapters 12-1/64
An Overview of the Unsealed Book /64
A Key to Understanding the Hebrew / Aramaic Texts /69

The Interpretation/71

The Language Barrier/72
A Christian Interpretation/76
A Jewish Interpretation/76

Illustrations Plates /78

I. “Menorah with Lions” /79
II. “Eagle with Lions” /80
III. “Door with Lions” /81
IV. “Babylonian Lion” /82
V. “Subjugated Peoples” /83
VI. “Semitic Dress” /84-85
VII. “Recorders” /86
VIII. “Mourners” /87
IX. “Lamentation” /88
X. “Ursa Major I” /89
XI. “Ursa Major II” /90
XII. “Seat of Moses” /93

The Text of Daniel/95
The Backward Text: The Translation /95

Illustrations Plates /164

XIII-XIV. ‘Ships’ /164
XV. ‘Fortress’ /165
XVI. ‘Stallions’ /165
XVII. ‘Wine vat’ /166
XVIII. ‘Kneading Dough’ /167
XIX. ‘Moon-God’ /168
XX. ‘Fishman’ /169
XXI-XXII. ‘Oil Lamps’ /170
XXIII. ‘Lion Headed Eagle’ /171
XXIV. ‘The god Milqart’ /172

XXV. ‘Circumcision’ /173

The Hebrew Text of Daniel BT/174


The Footnotes and Commentary/249
Glossary of Terms/370
and General Index/388

The Footnotes to the Forward Text/459
Ilustration Credits /470
Picture of the Editor/Translator/474

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