Daniel: Decoded – Introduction

Daniel: Decoded – Introduction

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Daniel: Decoded – Introduction
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Cracking the Linear Bible Code

And a GUIDE to the Back Text

In 2005 The Sealed Book of Daniel Revealed was published. This was the first volume in a series. This series is based upon the reality that reversing the order of the Hebrew letters and removing the spaces between the letters presents the sealed book of Daniel. In that volume I presented how that system worked. For the sake of those unfamiliar with the back text of Daniel I present the characteristics of the Back Text. It is necessary to understand how it works in order to appreciate the hidden book of Zechariah.

Cracking the Linear Bible Code

What is the ‘Bible Code’? In 1997 Simon and Schuster published a book called “THE BIBLE CODE” by Michael Drosnin. He wrote how Dr. Eliyahu Rips, “one of the world’s leading experts in group theory, a field of mathematics that underlies quantum physics” in connection with Doron Witztum found a code in the Old Testament. In particular the code was isolated in the Torah or the five books of Moses. “To find the code, Rips eliminated all the spaces between the words, and turned the entire original Bible [Gen.-Deut.] into one continuous letter strand, 304,805 letters long.”

“The computer divided the entire Bible [Gen.-Deut.]- the whole strand of 304,805 letters- into 64 rows of 4772 letters.” “Rips explained that each code is a case of adding every fourth or twelfth or fiftieth letter to form a word. Skip X spaces, and another X spaces, and another X spaces, and the hidden message is spelled out….But it is more than a simple skip code. Criss-crossing the entire known text of the Bible, hidden under the original Hebrew of the Old Testament, is a complex network of words and phrases, a new revelation. There is a Bible beneath the Bible.”

Michael Drosnin went on in his description. “The Bible is not only a book- it is also a computer program. It was first chiseled in stone and handwritten on a parchment roll, finally printed as a book, waiting for us to catch up with it by inventing a computer. Now it can be read as it was always intended to be read.”

He said further: “The computer searches that strand of letters for names, words, and phrases hidden by the skip code.”

This is not the place to explain the workings in detail of the computer search program. It is a fact that there is a code embedded in the matrix of the Hebrew text of the Bible. It is a fact that many facets of the code are still unknown. “There is still a great deal no one knows about the Bible code. Rips, who knows more than anyone, says it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces, and we only have a few hundred.”

There are many levels to the code. When the text is arranged in tiers of letters as previously described the code appears at times in what is described as ‘crossword puzzles’. Dr. Rips is reported to have said, “It is almost certainly many more levels deep, but we do not yet have a powerful enough mathematical model to reach it…It is probably less like a crossword puzzle, and more like a hologram. We are only looking at twodimensional arrays, and we probably should be looking in at least three dimensions, but we don’t know how to.”

The Sealed Book

In Mr. Dronsin’s book, chapter four, entitled “THE SEALED BOOK” he mentions the two great apocalypses of the Bible, Daniel and Revelation. In Daniel an angel instructed Daniel to seal up the words of the vision until the End Time.

Mr. Drosnin asked the question “Could the Bible code be the ‘sealed book’? “Had we really opened the ‘sealed book’?”

Just as the Bible code is many faceted so too is the answer to his question. Yes the computer and Doron Witztum’s program has opened the sealed book of Daniel. But I contend that it is only a portion of that sealed book. A major portion of the sealed book is found in another level of the code which I have called the ‘Linear Bible Code’.

What is meant by ‘linear’? The Bible code of Mr. Rips was constructed by writing out the Hebrew text of the Torah in one continuous strand of letters and omitting all the spaces between the letters. This in turn was set in 64 rows. The Linear Code I have rediscovered keeps the letters in one continuous line. I do not align them into rows! I further reverse the order of the letters (The last letter is the first letter and the first letter is the last letter.) This placement of the letters is linear. When I wrote the letters of the Book of Daniel in this fashion I did so in one long scroll so as to preserve the visual aspect of the linear structure. This activates the Linear Code.

This is illustrated below. I have reproduced a part of the first sentence of the Book of Daniel chapter one verse one:

Daniel 1.1a

“In the third year of the reign of Jehoikim king of Judah

The key to unlocking the Linear Code is reversing the order of these letters. This is how it looks in Hebrew reversed:

Daniel 1.1a Reversed

We are looking at the conclusion of the Sealed Book of Daniel. I parsed and translated it.

Daniel 1.1a Reversed (Back Text)הדו היכלם מיקיו הי תו-כלם לשולש תן שב
“Give you a joyous shout O Palaces on account they (the oppressed) obeyed. A lamentation of ‘the Mark-of-All-of-Them’ is for the dividing into three the Jackal. Repent thou!”

The beginning of the Sealed Book of Daniel is found at the opposite extreme: the ending of the Book of Daniel. Here is the last verse:

Daniel 12.13
“And thou, go thou to the end and rest thou and stand at thy allotted portion at the end of days.”

Here is how it looks after the letters have been reversed:

Daniel 12.13 Reversed

I parsed and translated this text after this fashion:

Daniel 12.13 Reversed and Parsed
ני מיה צק לך לרגל דם עתו חון תו צק לך להתאו
“Wailing is from YAH! Distress is for thee to tread the blood of His Time. The Mark loathes* distress for thee at his chamber.”

The Implications

This discovery has far reaching implications for the world. These hidden books are the completion of the Hebrew Scriptures. The unsealing of the Book of Daniel tells us that we are living in the End Time. The reading of the remaining books of the Hebrew Scriptures completes the Plan of God as far as the written Word is concerned.

Is this not empirical evidence that a Supreme Power devised the Back Text Program and used it to encode for us living Scripture? The Linear Bible Code reveals the knowledge of GOD. The Computer Code reveals secular knowledge.

The Forward Text of Daniel predicted the coming forth of the sealed book. In chapter eight and again in chapter twelve Daniel was told to seal the visions. For over two thousand years the inhabitants of the world thought they were reading these visions. They were deceived into believing it.

*(One difficulty in parsing and translating this line lies in the defective spelling of חון which should have the ‘Vav’ omitted. This Qal verb in the perfect then reads חן . This verb is derived from the verb חנן which is used in the TANACH exclusively; see HELOT, p.337b #II חנן . We also learn something else important at the outset of the process of parsing the text. I am speaking about modifying the text. The reading of the Back Text corrects spelling mistakes in the Forward Text. The word in the Back Text that I translate ‘he loathed’ חון as I stated should have the ‘Vav’ omitted. This letter is found in the word תנוח in 12.13. When we removed it the letter is still there if we print a QIBBUS below the ‘Nun’ letter. This is the correction needed to parse correctly the Back Text word ‘he loathed’.)

The Linear Bible Code is the simplest of all codes. It does not rely upon a computer. Any student of Hebrew and Aramaic can read this linear code. It is probable that others have read it. No faith is needed here. The atheist and agnostic however will embrace Faith some for the first time because of the Linear Bible Code. Knowledge is revealed on a level never achieved before today.

What is the message of the Sealed Book of Daniel? A very descriptive message to the Jewish Nation. How was it unsealed? The Key of Knowledge. This Key is empirical in nature. In the Gospel According to Luke we read about a key. In chapter eleven verse 52 we read:

Woe to you lawyers *experts in the Mosaic law!
For you have taken away the key of knowledge;
you did not enter in yourselves,
and those who were entering in you hindered.
New American Standard Bible

In our scientific age where evidence is demanded in the place of faith we have the Linear Bible Code. The unlocking of Daniel and the other books of the TANACH should make everyone stand still and ponder its implications. Hidden in plain sight all these centuries was a Message. We are now able to read the rest of the Bible. The Key* is simple but a key nevertheless.

The Book of Daniel is a Jewish book first and foremost. It is a fact, borne out by its own text, that it belongs to the Jew of the Diaspora. The opening sentence of the Back Text reads “Wailing is from YAH.” In chapter 7.19 of Daniel we read backward the name of this book of ‘Wailing’.

Daniel 7.19b Reversed

הספר הי לגר
“The Book of Wailing belongs to the sojourner.”

This is repeated in 7.7c in a wonderful context.

Daniel 7.7b,c Reversed

נשם “איהו הספר הי לגר” באור
אש והקדמו הלך און בר
He breathed out: “Where is it? The Book of Wailing belonging to the Sojourner.”
In the Light of the Fire; and it was brought forth
then the strength of the Pure One proceeded.

Written in the prophetic perfect is the description of when the ‘Book of Wailing’ shall come forth. It will precede the coming of the Pure One of GOD in his strength.

For thousands of years the Jewish Nation has lived as sojourners among the nations of the world. There was a time when they had their kingdom under David and Solomon. A ‘sojourner’ during that epoch had a very different meaning; non-Israelites living among them!

Zionism was a catalyst to restore the kingdom of Israel. However, the restoration is far from complete. The ‘Book of Wailing’ has come forth during this epoch just in time to assist in the restoration of Israel. Millions of Israelites still live among the nations. The reality of the Back Text of Daniel is a revelation to the Jew. It must be considered the highest priority to the remnant of Israel.
In Conclusion

When the Angel of the Lord instructed Daniel to seal up the vision-book he obeyed. It was not to be opened until the End of Days. Many peoples have been perplexed over this instruction because the forward text of the Book of Daniel with its history and a few visions has been available for over 2,200 years. We now know that the sealed book was cleverly concealed in the Back Text. It has remained hidden from the masses in plain sight all these millennia. The key to unlocking the sealed book is the key of knowledge: i.e. the Linear Back Text Code.

The Linear Bible Code also reveals hidden books in additional books of the Old Testament. I have successfully parsed and translated additional Back Text books. They belong to the Jewish Nation of the Diaspora. The other nations should sit up and take notice. It reveals God’s Plan for His people in response to their prayer ‘Give Thou O God of all of us a Plan and a Region, a clod of earth! Let the Son of Light scatter it; let him shine.’ The Plan revolves around a man chosen of God. He is called by many titles in this book; ‘My Son the Gift of the Veil’, ‘the Pure One of My Nest’, ‘the Mark-of-All-of- Them’ and ‘Our Beloved’ to list a few. He is called ‘Yeshua’ as a proper name, para. 155.

The two parts of the Book of Daniel, the Forward Text and the Back Text taken together are incendiary in nature.

Furthermore, each new parsed Back Text Book of the TANACH is reason for rejoicing. It seems likely that the Forward Text of the Old Testament/TANACH is but half of the Message of the Creator. The reading of the Back Text of Daniel Hoshea and Zechariah for instance point to the possibility that the TANACH will increase its length at least 100%.

Whereas the Old Testament/TANACH makes infrequent reference to the Messiah the Back Text books refers to him often. The Back Text of Zechariah is almost exclusively about him.

And now it is time to present the Forward Text of Daniel in the revision as dictated by the Back Text. This will also give the reading publish my view of its meaning and content.

In Part Two the Back Text of Daniel is presented with several chapters acting as an introduction to its themes and variations and of course some of its messages to the human race. It is certain that this overview of the themes and variations but touch the multifaceted complexity of the Back Text of Daniel.

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