Daniel: Decoded – Samples of Back Text

Samples of the Back Text
Paragraph 1
Wailing is from Yah. Distress is for thee to tread the Blood of His Time.
‘The Mark’ loathes Distress for thee at his chamber.
HaShem is darkened.
‘The Mark’ shall divide into three parts the Mother: Three Wonders.
He shall cut off the Ruin of his valleys.
The Power, what shall it permit since ‘the Mark’ works from the doubling of the Wonder at the days of Memesh?
Seth brought into straits a City-Mound and sufficient died.
He threw down and his people shouted;
And the fruit of the Sea prowled the Wasteland.
Paragraph 2
And who is rich? Go you! Wailing is within Me his GOD.
Who is rich but ruin? It has regarded him since his Violent Ones were chosen and his foolish ones.
Paragraph 3
And a discharge of a daughter shall flow.
Opinion erred. Who confined her?
Who is Death? The Darkened One. He shall die. Thy sheep is at the region of thy heap to exalt his own region.
Paragraph 4
I have removed afar off the Spirit; I shall discomfort them. (feminine)
This is the loftiness of wickedness!
GOD shall come and He shall cause them (masculine) to err that they shall be hindered.
He shall remove them afar off for thee. Here am I to crush Havoc.

Paragraph 5
My Witness established the Treasure of ‘the Mark’ at a burial cave.
And they shall be bedazzled since they shall know from Knowledge and from Thy Words out of Thy Throat.
Oh the wailing of the bosom of My Shriveled Ones!
But the Waters-of-Moses are for Desire. They ceased to flow and oh the wailing.
Paragraph 6
Who is rebellion?
even observe thou the Sea*!
A people shall fade on account of the poverty of the mother*.
A hand is against her*.
Return thou to the loftiness of the Chamber O people in an uproar!
* The Sea is a goddess in the Milieu of Daniel. The ‘mother’ refers to this Sea.

Paragraph 7
And My Distressed One has learned the perfection of Knowledge.
Observe thou the Sea*!
A people shall fade on account of the poverty of the mother*.
A hand is against her*.
Return thou to the Gift of GOD.
He established a region.
* The Sea, see note above.

Paragraph 8
And see thou, he has made himself wield a sword.Therefore he was made to thrust it.
And see thou, he has made himself wield, therefore a hand was made to thrust at them
on account of the people of the Moon.

Paragaph 9
Who changed Distinction?
And see thou, We shall judge the Falcon of the Nile.

Paragraph 10
And thou shalt pass by the Son of Integrity ; he shall be purified.
And oh the filth of he who pours out error of opinion!
A sheep healed Dark Death.
He bound up Death. He lifted up the region of the heap of the Chamber and Knowledge.
And they cut off a young man; they shall weep.
Thus who is the Son? His fasting kindled Ruin.
The cold water of the pure mountain is the moisture of My Plan.
Walk thou the waste place!
But they spoke; they answered: “A weak light is stitching together profaneness.”
They removed afar off the Moel; and oh the ruin!
They removed afar off the desert howler.


Paragraph 268
Who removed afar off My Treasures but not My Wine-presses?
The Leading Man, the ‘Poor One’-of-the Mother.
He shall remove the Tower of the Sun and its Kabim.
And wailing established itself. All of them cried shrilly:
“It caused the Timbrel to be pierced!”
He troubled My Wine-presses. The Leading Man is the ‘Poor One’ mourning on High
the region of the heap on account of his flock.

Paragraph 269
And the son of the Bear of Ruin shall consume upon himself Thrones of Fullness.
He shall establish for himself a pasture. He shall thresh it.
Profaneness shall increase and Bel shall hurl a Fragment of Fire at the region of the heap.
For this is a Gift even ‘the Mark’ out of Shem:
‘He shall remove the Tower of Shemah.
For them is a Gift.’

Paragraph 270
But wailing is the Secret of Injustice.
I shall direct it.
The Fortress of the Region of the Heap shall be increased.
Give you a joyous shout! The wine of the hills give thou!
Yah is the Enabler.
How lofty He is become! for Him are the juices.
Let thou pour them out.
And the one dividing into three a species of reputation is to set up his banner.
And wailing of the Sea established itself.
And reproach is the rim of a defective timbrel.
And oppression is made high and it is magnified.
Why? It weakened them (the people) at the Day of Power.
It dwelt and Error
and it trod upon the garment. All of them fainted.

Paragraph 271
Yah journeyed. He separated the unfaithful.
What is in the Palate of the ‘Poor One’? the Desire of the Eternities.
Death bears fruit as far as My Witness.
And it brings low thy fortress among them.

Paragraph 272
Shem shall lead and he illuminates them.
They shall cry aloud: “The unclean one!”!
My Son made them kings.
The Desire of the Mother of Power is Mine.
From the Sea comes the Idol of Hennom.
And shall the one shaming the naked consider it? No.
My ‘Poor One’ shall bear fruit. From an isle he shall hasten.
And he shall remove a certain hope.
Thy GOD shall spring about to hasten from His Isle.

Paragraph 273-274
And Yah is to illuminate the Law, saying:.
“I shall restore the region.
“With them he shall pace his chamber and he shall offer praise.
“I shall restore freshness to what is distressed on account of My enemies.
“And whosoever he removed afar off he shall restore.
“He shall go. Thou shalt pour them oil. And give you a joyous shout oh Palaces on account they
(the oppressed) obeyed.
“The lamentation of his Chamber is enough! With Me is the heap of My Treasures.
“And a lamentation is for his terror striking ones; they cut off the walls of thy heart to make sick the
strength of the oppressed and the Son of the Father.
“Give you a joyous shout oh Palaces on account they (the oppressed) obeyed.
“A lamentation of ‘the Mark-of-All-of-Them’ is for the dividing into three the Jackal.
Repent thou!”

The Text of Daniel
The Hebrew Text

Paragraph 1
ני מיה צק לך לרגל דם-עתו
חונן תו צק לך להתאו
השם חום
ישלש תו אם שלש פלאים
ימיל עי-גיו
הכח מה ירשא מיעש תו מיתאם פלא מימי-ממש
צ*ק שת תל ודי מת
הרס והת עמו
וניב-ים ילך שמה
Paragraph 2
ומי עשר לכו ני בי אלו
מי עשר ועי
שרהו מיברו פרציו ונבלותיו
Paragraph 3
ורר בת יצק
תע דע מי רבדה
מי *מות חום ימת סיך לאי נדך לרם איו
Paragraph 4
הלאתי רוח אהמין
דא הרם-און
יבא אל ויתעם שינאו
הלא לך הנני לכת שוד
Paragraph 5
קם עדי צפין-תו לכוך
ויצחו מידעו מדע ומליך מלוע
הי חב עבשי
ומי-משה לאו לא משו וני
Paragraph 6
מי מרי
וראי הים
ימלל עם מריש אם
יד בה
שוב לשיא התא עם שאות
Paragraph 7
ואלף הצקי תם-דע
ראי הים
ימלל עם מריש אם
יד בה
שוב לשי-אל
רם אי
Paragraph 8
וראי התפש להן הדחא
וראי התפש להן הדחאם מעם ירחא
Paragraph 9
מי נשה נוה
ולאי נדין אית יאר
Paragraph 10
ותעדה הבר תום יבר
וטיט שיצק תע-דע
רפ סה *מות חום
ירבד *המות סלל אי נד התא ודע
ומלו עלם יבכיו
כך מי בר היקיד צומו עי
קור הר הזכו רי-הזימי
לך שמה
ומללו ענו “אור דל תופר חול
הלאו מול ועי יחל
הלאו צי


Paragraph 268
מי הלא הנותי ולא גתי
אול רש-אם
יסיר סהר-שמש קביו
ויתשם ני יבו כלם
“הגב תף”
בלא גתי אול רש אובל לעל אי נד משיו
Paragraph 269
ובן דב עוה ירז עליו
כשים מלא
שים לו כר דשה
ינן חל ורץ-אש טל בל אי נד
לם שי ותו משם
יסיר סהר-שמה
לם שי
Paragraph 270
והי רז עון
ינן חל אי נד
הדו היין במים הב
יה יוכל
מה ינף לו דמעים
ושולש מין שם לדגלו
ויתשם ני ים
וכלמה גב תף מום
ויבם וירב דך
למה מהלן מיום-יד
שכן ושל
ורפס מד מללו כלם
Paragraph 271
הלך יה בד מעל
מה בחך רש או-עדים
יניב מות עדי עדי
והמך חלך בם
Paragraph 272
יוליך שם
והארם יבו “טומא”
המליכם הבני
ארש אם-יד לי
מים תרף הנם
והכולם הער זמו לא
רשי ינב מאי בהל
ויסיר סבר זן
פש אלך למהר מאיו
Paragraph 273-274
ויה לאר צו
“אתיב אי
בהם ילך התאו ויהלל”
אתיב רענן שצרא מאיבי”
ומי הולא התיב”
ילך תצקם והדו היכלים מיקיו”
הי תאו די בי נד-אנותי”
והי לערציו מלו שורי-לבבך למרץ און דך ובן אב”
הדו היכלים מיקיו”
הי תו-כלם לשולש תן”

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