Hosea Decoded – Contents

The Hidden Prophecies
Reading the Text Backward
Volume III of the ‘Linear Bible Code’ Series
Illustration: the siege of Lachish /2
A Note From The Editor and Translator /7
A Key to the Text /9
Illustration I: Codes of Hammurabi /11
MAP I /12
MAP II /82
An Introduction to the Linear Bible Code /13

Cracking the Linear Bible Code /13
The Sealed Book /14
The Implications /16
The Characteristics of the Linear Code of Daniel /18
The Computer Bible Code and the Linear Back Text Code /24
The Length of the Text /27
In Conclusion /29

An Introduction to the Back Text of the Book of Hosea /31
The Text of Hosea /31
Parsing and Translating the Back Text /33
The Indefinite Pronoun and Pronominal Suffix /34
The Themes in the Book of Hosea BT /36
The Theme of ‘The Waters’ /36
The Theme of ‘Restoration’/38
The Theme of ‘Healing’ /41
The Theme of ‘The Law’ /44
The Theme of ‘Desire’ /56
The Theme of ‘Struggle’ /62
The Auxiliary Themes in the Book of Hosea BT /64
The Auxiliary Theme of ‘Death’ /64
The Auxiliary Theme of ‘Light and Darkness’ /67
The Auxiliary Theme of ‘Lamentation and Wailing’ /71
The Auxiliary Theme of ‘Time’ /72
In Conclusion /76


Fishermen fishing with a net, /77
‘Fisherman’, /78
Temple Columns, /79
Apes/Baboons /80
Gorilla /81
Map II /82
Shakyamuni, /83
Hosea Ms. /84

The TEXT /85
Chapter One /86
Chapter Two /90
Chapter Three /95
Chapter Four /99
Chapter Five /103
Chapter Six /110
Chapter Seven /117
Chapter Eight /122
Chapter Nine /128
Chapter Ten /131
Chapter Eleven /137
Chapter Twelve /145
Chapter Thirteen /147
Chapter Fourteen /159

Map III /164
Map IV /165
The REMARKS /195
Illustration: Common Vessels /196
Illustration: Falcon of Horus /248
The NOTES /249
Illustration: the far side of the Moon /284
THE APPENDIX: Genesis BT Chapters 1-9 /285
Picture Credits: /372

The Bibliography /373
Illustrations: Peoples of the Sea, /374,375,376
Photo of Gustav Mahler /378

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