Hosea Decoded – Sample of Text

The Hidden Prophecies
Reading the Text Backward

Volume III of the ‘Linear Bible Code’ Series

Chapter One Back Text/ Fourteen Forward Text

Paragraph 1.1
מבול שך ים יעש פא מבוך לי מיקד צוה
והיי-כר-דם ירשי
יכם עדי ונוב נה
אנב יום כח ים
אצמנו ירף ינם מנן ערשו
The Flood abated; the Sea is borne up here
rolling toward Me kindling the Law.
And oh the wailings of the pasture of blood My Possession!
My Witness was heaped up and the fruit of Eminency.
I shall increase the day of power of the Sea.
Our mighty one shall be healed;
he shall slumber increasing his marriage couch.

Paragraph 1.2
רב כי נאו נרו שוא
ויתין עי
נאם יבצע לדוע להם
Oh the multitude! Because they did forbid his Lamp o the destruction!
And he made firm the Ruin.
He said prophetically:
“Lud shall act unjustly gaining by violence and oh their injustice.”

Paragraph 1.3
מי רפא נוב לני
יכו רך זן פג
כוח פיו נגד
ויחיו לצבי
Who healed the fruit in regard to the lamentation?
They shall smite a tender thing, a kind of an unripe fruit.
The strength of his mouth is manifest.
And they shall remain alive in regard to Glory.

Paragraph 1.4
בשרו בשינו
נבלך ולחי רוו-דוה
“Bear you tidings with Our Gift,
“Every living thing is foolish; its appearance is faintish.

Paragraph 1.5
יהיו *ויתקנו כלינו
נבלך וישר שכי
והנשוש כח
רפי לאור שי ללטך
“Thou shalt be pure.
“And it shall be that they acquire for themselves Our Vessel.
“We shall bear thee (fem.) along and the upright of My Pavilion.
“And shall We rejoice oh strength?
“Heal thou (fem.) at the Light the Gift belonging to thy (fem.) Mystery.”

Paragraph 1.6
היה או*-*הב דנים בהו
אמת בושם אפר אומות ים
It came to pass *-* the one loving cases-at-law is Emptiness.
I shall kill the one smelling sweet the ashes of the peoples of the Sea.

Paragraph 1.7
חורי כבר
שאון יד-יה
שעמל ונהל
אדו ערים און אול
ובכר-נא לסוס לעון-עי
רושאו ני תף-שם
המל שן ובוטח קו
*נע אש תלך וילאו רמאה
והי לאו בו שו
My Noble is mighty.
He who is strong is the Hand of Yah.
He who is suffering even he leads to water.
The cities burdened the vigour of the Leading Man.

And rise thou early I pray for a horse to ride against the calamity of Ruin.
Oh the calamities of the Leading Man!
They are permitting the lamentation of the Timbrel of Reputation.
It shall be healed.
He shall cut off the ivory and the one trusting in strength.
He tossed about the fire of thy Tel-City and they are weary of her deceit.
And wailing is against Desire; against it is Vanity.

and the concluding text:

Chapter Fourteen Back Text / One Forward Text

Paragraph 14.1
היהום כהי
ל*א אול יכון אוי-מעא למת אי כי מעא* לו
Shall the palate cry the likes of a lamentation?
*Not the Leading Man; he shall establish the desires of the belly for the man of
the region because the belly is for him.

Paragraph 14.2
משאר קרם או
נב דל תור
התוה מחר אול
תאלם גת
From a remnant the Leading Man shall spread desire.
He shall increase the Door of the Turtledove.
The future of the Leading Man was marked out.
“Thou shalt bind the winepress.”

Paragraph 14.3
ומי שרף בו
מי סוס בהם חולם
בו בר-חב
And who is the Seraph with Him (GOD)?
Who is the tongue-tied horse? A dreamer.
With Him is the Son of the Bosom.

Paragraph 14.4
ותשק במעי-שוא
אלו מהי הלאה והי בם
יתע שו
ומחראה דוה יתיב תא
ומהלא שוא אש
And thou shalt be kissed by the bowels of Emptiness.
Its god comes out of Wailing afar off and Wailing is among them.
The Faint One shall mock Ravage.
And out of its dung he shall restore the Chamber.
And from afar is ravage of fire.

Paragraph 14.5
ני כלא רש
יתיב תא מחרא
*דע פי-סוא
אלךה מחר
אלה משאר קו לרם אי
תבדל תו דוע רהתו
Wailing constrained the Poor One.
But he shall restore the Chamber out of dung.
*Know thou the Mouth of Emptiness!
Let Me bring tomorrow.
These things are out of the remnant of strength to raise up a region.
And thou oh ‘Mark’ shall separate the scholar from his fear.

Paragraph 14.6
לא ער זיקים עב
לא רשית שק תא יתר
בשו אוה המו
יבה יה
ולא רש
יתיב תו כלם מיתב שה
ואוה יתיב לעל
אער זיו ימד תא
יתד קוף וטעם דועי
כלא ער זיו
משאר קו ילאה
והי רם איו
He did not lay bare the fetters. Oh the Darkness!
There is no beginning of the sackcloth of the abundant Chamber.
They were ashamed of Desire; they were discomforted.
Yah shall empty out the fetters of Darkness.
And there will be no more poor.
‘The Mark’ shall restore all of them because he shall return the sheep.
And Desire he shall restore on High.
I shall lay bare Splendour; it shall measure the Chamber.
The Chamber made firm the Ape and the Chamber judged My scholar.
The Ape shut up the City of Splendour.
Out of the remnant of strength he shall be weary.
And oh the lament of the height of his region.

Paragraph 14.7
נבול דל תור תום
ילב דת בר מג תא-חקי וכליו
Oh the hanging down of the Door of the Turtledove of Integrity!
The pure Law thirsts; the Chamber of My Statute and its vessels melt.

Paragraph 14.8
הוה יירח אמץ-ראה
הן זית הנזיך מינון זיו דלי
ומינון זית שא כל-חק כל-עש והלאה
It shall come to pass the Strength of Vision shall wander.
Lo, the Olive-Tree shall make thee leap because Splendour increases My Doors.
And because it increases the Olive-Tree lift thou up every law, every
Constellation and Distant Place.

Paragraph 14.9
והי רם אי ועיש
והבהו הי רב
דת-לוח תל אור שיך למשא
וינב מעברי-ים
יבבו הד והי יכלם הי
But oh the lament of the Height of the Region and Ursa Major.
And give thou Him a mighty wail!
The Law of the Tablet of Tel-City is the Light of thy Gift for an Oracle.
It makes plentiful the passageways of the Sea.
They cry the Shout and Wailing confounds Wailing.

Paragraph 14.10
קו זח יזח אמת
ויה יזע ים יביר אב נוב עשו
The proud law removes the Truth.
And Yah shall shake the Sea; the Father shall search out the fruit; hasten it!

Paragraph 14.11
הלא הי הר-שוא
הוה ירבד
The lament of Mount Ravage He removed afar off.
It came to pass it was bound.

Gustav Mahler

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