Zechariah: Decoded – Sample of Text

The Hidden Prophecies
Reading the Text Backward

Volume II of the ‘Linear Bible Code’ Series
I.a The Lament of GOD
Paragraph 1 Zechariah 12.21c
אוה המו
יבת ואבצהו
היתיב בד ועין-עניך
הי הי אלו
Oh Desire! They murmured.
Thou cried shrilly but I shall whiten him.
Shall he make prominent idle talk and the eye-of-thy misery?
Oh the lament! The lament of his God!

Paragraph 2 Zechariah 14.21b
ומה בו חק לו
מי חב זה לך ואב
ותו אבצהו הילל שדק
On account of the rain he returned.
And what was with him? A Bosom for him.
Who is this Bosom for thee? Even the Father.
And ‘the Mark’ I shall whiten him, the Shining One of the Veil.

I.b The Basket of YAH
Paragraph 3 Zechariah 14.21a, 20b
הדו היבו
מל שורי-ברי-סלכה יה וחב
זמה ינף לם יקר זמכה
They made a loud noise. Shall they cry shrilly?
He circumcised the pure heads of cattle of Thy Basket oh Yah even the Bosom.
‘The Mark’ planned it; he is made high for them; oh the Preciousness of Thy Plan!

Paragraph 4 Zechariah 14.20a
היתיבב תו-רי
יסהה יהוה והילל שדק
סוס התו לצם לע הי
הי אוה המו
And shall ‘the Mark’ of Moisture make himself cry shrilly?
YaHVeH veiled it and the Shining One of the Veil.
The Steed is ‘the Mark’; he scorned them; he swallowed up lamentation,
The lament of Desire. They murmured.

I.c The Poor One-of-the-Mother
Paragraph 5 Zechariah 14.19b
יבת וכסה
גחת אגח לו
לעי-אל רש אם יוגה לך
תא טחו
Thou cried shrilly and the Throne.
Thou burst forth; I shall burst forth toward him.
Against the Ruin-of-God the Poor One-of-the Mother is suffering for thee.
The Chamber he overlaid it with silver and gold.

Paragraph 6 Zechariah 14.19a, 18c
מי רץ מת
אטח הי התת אז תו-כסה
גחת אגח לו
לעי-אל רש אם יוגה תא
Who is the runner? He died.
I shall extend lamentation; it shall rush upon in that
place ‘the Mark’ of the Throne.
Thou burst forth! I burst forth toward him.
Against the Ruin of God the Poor One-of-the-Mother is suffering for the Chamber.

I.d The Clean One Died A Reputation Above Desire
Paragraph 7 Zechariah 14.18b
הוה יפגיר שוא הפג
מה הי התם הילע אל
ואב אל והלעת אל
It came to pass he the Poor One caused the exhaustion of Ravage; it was made numb.
How lamentation is complete! Shall God swallow it up?
And the Father is God. Thou oh God caused it to be swallowed up.

Paragraph 8 Zechariah 14.18a, 17b
מי רץ מת חף שם מאו משגה הי
הי מה ילע אל
ותו אבצהו
Who is the runner? The Clean One died a reputation above desire leading astray
Oh the lament! How God shall swallow it up!
And ‘the Mark’ I shall whiten him.

I.e The Temple is Cut Off
Paragraph 9 Zechariah 14.17a, 16c
היכל מלת וחת-שה לם
לשורי לאץ ראה
תו חף-שם תא
מה לעי אל רשאה יה
ותו-כסה גחת
אגח לו תו אבצהו
The Temple thou cut off (Oh ‘Mark’) and the terror of a sheep is for them,
For My heads of cattle, to urge a vision.
‘The Mark’ is the Clean One of Reputation of the Chamber.
How for ruin is God; Yah permitted it.
And ‘Mark’ of the Throne, thou burst forth.
I shall burst forth toward him. ‘The Mark’ I shall whiten him.

Paragraph 10 Zechariah 14.16b
היכל מלת וחת-שה להן שביהן שי- דם
לעו מל שורי לעמי
אבה מיוגה לכם
The Temple Thou cut off (Oh ‘Mark’) and the terror of a sheep is for them; their captivity
is an
offering of blood.
And for Ruin he cut off My heads of cattle belonging to My people.
He consented because he is suffering for you.

The conclusion of the back text paragraphs XXIII.a-d

XXIII.a The Stone: An Instrument In Time
Paragraph 240 Zechariah 1.6a, 5, 4c
מי אבנה יד בעת אית יוצר
שאי-קוח וירב דך
אוי חי מל עלה
מי אבנה ומה היא מכית
ובאה והים אן ילא
Who is the Stone? An Instrument in Time, a Hawk of the Fashioner.
Oh the ravages of Koah and let him strive with the oppressed.
Woe is the Living One! They cut off the whole burnt offering.
Who is the Stone? And what is it? Humbleness.
And it came and Sorrow roared; it was withdrawn afar off.

XXIII.b The Watcher is The Lowly One
Paragraph 241 Zechariah 1.4b
ובי שקה אלו ועם-שאל
ומי ערה מך יליל עמים
ומי ערה מך יכר דם- אן
ובו שת ואבצהו
הי רמא הכרם אל מין שארה
And entreat thou that his GOD should give water even to the people of Sheol.
And who is Her Watcher? The Lowly One; he makes peoples howl.
But who is Her Watcher? The Lowly One. The blood of strength shall be hot.
And with him is Seth and I shall whiten him.
Lamentation shall beguile the Vineyard of GOD a species of Her remnant.

XXIII.c Humbleness Removes The Foe
Paragraph 242 Zechariah 1.4a, 3c
מי איב נה
מה ילא ואר קר שוא מכית
מך יתבא כוי
התלא תו אבצהו
Who is the foe of Eminency?
How Humbleness removed him afar off and the cold light of Ravage.
The Lowly One caused himself to enter My Window.
‘The Mark’ was hung on a tree. I whitened him.

XXIII.d Redemption
Paragraph 243 Zechariah 1.3b
הירמא מכי לא בו שוא
תו אבצהו הים אן ילא
Was My Lowly One beguiled? Ravage is not with him.
‘The Mark’, I whitened him.
Shall he refuse Me? No!

Paragraph 244 Zechariah 1.3a, 2, 1
ובו שת אבצהו
הירמא הכם
הלא תר מאו
פץ קם כי תו בא לעהו
הי פץ קר מאל איב נה ודע
נב הי כרב
נב הירך צלאה
והירבד הי השו
ירד לם יתש תו
שבין ימש השד חוב
And with him is Seth and I whitened him.
Was Seth beguiled? He was heaped up with treasures.
Was not the turtledove on the side of Desire?
It scattered the Adversary. Surely ‘the Mark’ came to swallow him up.
Oh the wailing! The turtledove scattered the cold, the foe of Eminency and Knowledge,
because of GOD.
The foe had increased lamentation like an abundance.
He increased the thigh of Zelleah.
And did wailing spread Emptiness?
The turtledove descended to them; it rooted out the wild dog.
He who discerned shall pluck out of the breast the Debt.

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