The Holbrook Family Line

Here is a work in progress to provide information regarding the Holbrook Family Line beginning with Joseph Holbrook, son of Moses Holbrook and Hannah Lucretia Morton, in the 1800’s.

Joseph Holbrook
The Life History of Joseph Holbrook

I was born in the Township of Florence, County of Oneida, State of New York, January 16, 1806. My father was a farmer by occupation.

The name of Holbrook in the U.S.A. first originated in three brothers who came over to the Plymouth Colony as pilgrims and settled in the Old Medway County of Norfolk, Mass. They were mostly farmers by occupation, hardy, robust and industrious in their habits, moral but not attached to any particular sect of religion. They spread out from their first place of destination in different parts of Mass. My great grandfather settled in Sturbridge, Worchester County. John Holbrook, Senior, and his wife Patience. He had a brother, Josiah Holbrook.

My grandfather, John Holbrook, bought out his Uncle Josiah Holbrook’s farm on Quinaburg River and lived there the rest of his days, over sixty years.

My father in settling in Florence now called Annsville was much deprived of many of the so called comforts of life, it being entirely new, the people mostly poor, having obtained their land on credit; but my father lived agreeable with his wife. I, Joseph, being their first born, my mother not being quite eighteen years of age at the time.

I was naturally a robust boy as was my brother Chandlier and Phoebe and things moved on in a harmonious and agreeable manner as my father had built the first frame barn 30 by 40 feet in that Country. He had been away from home the most of the winter getting out logs for lumber some eight or ten miles off on account of scarcity of saw mills to finish his barn in hopes of future happenings, long life and prosperity which enshrouds the mind with the hopes of future greatness. But in the month of February he came home in the evening, went away a mile or so for a cross cut saw, returned about nine o’clock being very cold which lasted about three hours when a raging fever set in. He continued to grow worse for three days when he died February 28, 1813, age 33 years 9 months. Thus in my youth I was left without a father who was always mild and generous with my little brother and sister. This unexpected death left my mother in a low state of feelings; but few know how to participate in except it be those who are called to the like circumstances. I had the fever after my father died. I lost my hearing for some three weeks in which they looked upon me dangerous.

In June after my father died my grandfather, John Holbrook, came to see my mother and assist her in settling the estate, my father not being in debt, left her with a span of horses, a dozen sheep, a few cows, a yoke of oxen, and some young stock, enough to make her comfortable so long as she took care of it.

My grandfather took me home with him to Massachusetts, when he returned a distance of 250 miles. I rode behind him on horse back. I being only seven years old the last of January, it made it quite hard for me. It was my father’s dying request that I and Chandlier should live with his father’s folks so that we could be accommodated with schooling as the country was new and no established schools were kept.

Arrived in Massachusetts at grandfathers and found the family all well which consisted of my grandfather and mothers Uncle John Jr., Erasmus and Henry Babbitt Holbrook with Aunt Lucretia Holbrook and Charlotte, and a cousin Harriet Hibbard which was about 13 years of age with hired men and women, the most of the time. One year from the next fall, 1814, my uncle John Holbrook, Senior took a journey to the State of New York and visited the home of my mother and brought Chandlier, my brother, Phoebe, my sister, home with him and we all lived at my grandfathers.

Married – Spouses (*)
Children (**)

* Nancy Jane Lampson

In December 30, 1830, I was married at her father’s house in the town of Western to Nancy Lampson, she being the youngest daughter of David Lampson and Sarah Bliss Lampson by the minister of the Congregational Church. She had three brothers that I never saw as they had all married and left the country.

** Sarah Lucretia Holbrook

January 21, 1832, my wife had her first born child, a daughter I named Sarah Lucretia Holbrook after her two grandmothers.

** Charlotte Holbrook

November 26, 1833, we had another daughter born in Weathersfield. Her name was Charlotte Holbrook after my aunt, my father’s youngest sister.

**Joseph Lamoni Holbrook

My wife, Nancy, had a son born January 31, 1837 by about four o’clock in the afternoon and I named him Joseph Lamoni Holbrook at my house on Plumb Creek.

** Nancy Jane Holbrook

My wife was confined just one week from my departure from home, had a daughter and she was named Nancy Jane Holbrook, born January 27, 1839.

** David Holbrook

My wife became very sick and was confined February 11, 1840 with a son. He was still born. We named him as we did not know what was for the best–David Holbrook. I was enabled to pay up all demands against me.

* Hannah Flint
** Raised about 10 foster children

Hannah Flint was born July 18, 1806 in Stanton, Orange County, State of Vermont. She had three brothers and two sisters. Anson Call married her sister, Mary Flint October 3, 1833. Rufus Flint, her father was a native of the State of Connecticut, Windham township and his wife Hannah Hawes was a native of Massachusetts, Worcester county from whence they emigrated to the State of Vermont, afterwards to the State of Ohio in the year 1831 and settled in Geauga County, township of Madison

* Caroline Frances Angell

December 31,1850, I was sealed to Nancy Lampson, my first wife, who died in Nauvoo, by Brigham Young, my wife Hannah Flint acting as proxy. Also to Hannah Flint, my second wife and to Caroline Frances Angell, my cousin, at President Young’s house in Great Salt Lake City. Caroline Frances Angell was born in the state of Rhode Island, Providence County, North Providence City, October 3, 1825. She was the daughter of James and Phoebe Angell.

David Varner Davis was married in Nauvoo, Illinois to Caroline Frances Angell, March 23, 1843. He left in Winter Quarters May 25, 1847. He left the church and has not provided for his family in any way since. They had three children.

** Brigham Angell Holbrook

Caroline Frances Holbrook had another son born Sunday evening at 10 o’clock, February 10, 1856 near the city Bountiful, Davis County and on the 18th blessed my son and named him with a father’s blessing and named him Brigham Angell Holbrook that he may live to help build up the Kingdom of God.

** Ephraim Angel Holbrook

Caroline Frances Holbrook had a son born April 18, 1863, Saturday 1 o’clock A.M. and blessed him on the 26th day with a Father’s blessing and named him Ephraim Angell Holbrook.

Ephraim Angell Holbrook, son of Joseph and Caroline Frances Holbrook died Feb 28, 1864, age 10 months and 10 days.

** Enoch Angel Holbrook

Caroline Frances Angell Holbrook had a son born July 12, 1865 and blessed him on the 19th with a Father’s blessing that he may live to help to build up Zion an see the Zion of Enoch gain an inheritance with the saints, receive a fulness of the Holy Priesthood in the name of the Lord and named him Enoch Angell Holbrook.

** Hiram Angel Holbrook

* Lucy Jones

November 10, 1855, I, Joseph Holbrook had Lucy Jones sealed to me at Brigham Young’s office in Great Salt Lake City. Lucy Jones was born June 11, 1834, daughter of William and Lucy Jones in Glenmorganshire, South Wales. She had been sealed to David Candland some two years before but had obtained a divorce and she had a daughter named Delphinia. She was born in Great Salt Lake City, July 10, 1854, and died August 10, 1855, age 13 months. She was buried in the grave yard at Great Salt Lake City.

* Louisa Haitt

Louisa Hortt, born June 4. 1822, January 2, 1864, Louisa Hortt was sealed to Joseph Holbrook at the Endowment House, Great Salt Lake City, Wilford Woodruff officiating in the sealing room.

* Amanda Buys

Amanda Buys was born March 15, 1844.

** George Hyrum Buys

George Hyrum Buys born Sept. 10, 1860.

Sealings with Spouses

Aug. 15, 1863, I attended at the Endowment House, Great Salt Lake City. Brother Daniel H. Wells officiating in the sealing room and I was sealed to Nancy Lampson, Hannah Holbrook acting as proxy for her, to Hannah Flint, to Caroline Frances Angell, to Lucy Jones, Hannah Holbrook acting as proxy for her she being dead. Amanda Buys received her washing and anointing and she was sealed at the same time and place to me over the Alter.

Mar. 6, 1867 – Received my second anointing with my family at the Endowment House, Elder John Taylor officiating. Hannah Holbrook acting as proxy for Nancy Holbrook, my first wife, then acting for herself. Caroline Frances Holbrook received hers. Hannah Holbrook acting as proxy for Lucy Holbrook, who also was dead. Louisa Holbrook received hers, acting for herself.

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