Wayne Holbrook Knecht

Wayne Holbrook Knecht was born to James and Mary Knecht on April 20, 1943.  Mary was Holbrook from Bountiful Utah who moved East to help her sister Vera as she was starting her family.  While there she met and married James (Jim) Knecht with whom she they started their family.  Wayne was the 3rd of 6 sons:

Jim, Richard, Wayne, Steve, Charlie, David

Grandma and Grandpa Holbrook, Mary’s parents

This happens to be I photo my father had of his parents when they were younger, this is Jim and Mary at a Local Social back east. (They are the two seated at the back to the left of the table number)

Here is a collection of family photos, a MUST SEE! It is a big file but worth the wait – it’s less than a minute but I don’t want you to think something is wrong when you wait for it to open.


Wayne’s Birth Certificate

Wayne’s Birth Certificate & Priesthood Ordination

Wayne’s Priesthood Ordination Certificate

Wayne’s Priesthood Ordination Linage

There came a time when both Wayne and Steve choose to serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Wayne was called to serve in the California Mission).  As such they held a combined farewell service at which time each spoke.  This was the program for that meeting:

Wayne’s Priesthood Ordination Certificate Papers

Wayne’s Priesthood Ordination Certificate

Wayne’s Patriarchal Blessing (this is currently password protected at the request of some family members.  Post a comment at the bottom of the page to request the password and I may provide it)

Wayne’s Mission Journal/Papers This includes such things as his calling, farewell talk, endowment papers, mission papers, areas served, release papers, and letter to the mission president. This also is a larger file so give it a moment to load.


Following his mission to Southern California Wayne attended Brigham Young University, BYU. Here is his degree:

Wayne’s Bachelor of Science

Wayne later met and married Viola Erma Allen on September 3, 1969.

He was still attending BYU when they had me, Roger :).

After a year of marriage and living at first in a mobile home in Provo Utah Wayne and Viola selected a home in Sandy Utah to settle in.  This is one of the original photos of the home when they first moved in.  At this time I was already born.

The Home of Wayne and Viola Knecht in Sandy, Utah

This is the Wayne and Viola Knecht family as it settled with all 8 of us.  I have fond memories of my youth.  My earliest memories are of him reading books to me for bedtime.  Christmas was especially special for me.  There are so many memories of snow such as the times we built in our back yard a snow run which we built many years.  One thing I especially remember was my dad’s laugh, it was unique and contagious.  I look forward to reminiscing the years with my siblings and capturing the stories here. (Please add any stories in the comments as I look hope to see many shared here)

This is a family picture I treasure as it represents the family I knew:

The Knecht Family

Wayne, Viola, Roger, Scott, Cary, Dennis, Lorie, Randy


I have many wonderful memories of camping trips, vacations – times with my father.  This is one vacation I have very clear recollections of, so much so that it is hard to believe I was a young as I was.

Dad takes the boys to Goblin Valley in southern Utah. Cary – Scott – Roger

Since the 1970’s this was the home of Grandma and Grandpa Knecht.  After retiring they moved from New Jersey here to Utah which I was ever grateful for.  I have so many special memories visiting here as well as living here for a year after returning from my own LDS mission.  Mary was so kind and dear to me for which I will always be grateful.

Mary and her son Wayne at her home in Orem, Utah .

Wayne’s last years were spent in Southern Utah and Colorado.  Although I did not spend much time visiting him, not nearly as much as I should have,  I have traveled to this area often in the past few years taking care of my fathers affairs in the area, visiting family in the area and remembering him.

As I have stated, this website is in tribute and memory of him – My Dad!

Wayne was educated and opinionated on various topics.  He read a healthy number of books each month, as many as 20 a month, so that he comment on most any topic.  Of particular interest was history, Christianity, Jesus Christ, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventist, the Second Coming of Christ, & politics.  In so many words he knew what he was talking about and it was always interesting to listen to him.  It is fair to say he knew what he was talking about and cared so it always came across with passion.  Was he perfect, did he know everything – it is safe to say he would agree he was continually learning.

Later in Wayne’s life he struggled with his LDS faith and went through an evolution of thought. Here is some of the chain of events:

Letter to family and friends

This gained the attention of his local LDS leaders:

Bishops Court

Bishops Court Ruling

Wayne’s journey with Christ took him to Fundamental Mormonism and then to the Seventh Day Adventist. Here are some of his later thoughts and findings:

Seventh Day Quotes

Letter to the Ministries

By Their Fruits

Catholic False Doctrines

Map of Deception

The Cycle Repeats

The Universal Pagan Church

The Foundation of True Worship

There is no Trinity

The Wisdom of Men

The Hut

The Sword

The Ship

Here are some of the politically related papers he prepared:

The Destruction of the US

Letter to Americans

The Innocent

Here are some of the religious papers he prepared or collected:

LA Temple Desecrated

God’s Positive Answers

Gift of Love

The Holy Spirit

The Heart of God Revealed

And God Said No

God’s Workday

Hold Fast

New Psalm

Home Sick

Holy Days and the making of a Baby


Thus Speaketh Christ

It was not uncommon for Wayne to prepare handouts or summaries of current events to pass out when visiting with friends and family. Regardless the topic, whether it be political or religious it was well thought out and often times a collage of items. In many ways he was a watchman on the tower forewarning of things and educating those around him.

This was the icon he often included on his work:
* This is coming 🙂

Wayne did find love again for some time when he married Valerie Sherman with whom he lived with her son and daughter near Dove Creek Colorado.

One of his last passions was for the work his Brother Steve was working on which was first published as The Sealed Book of Daniel Revealed. These were his thoughts regarding this work.

Here is a summary of the Work

Wayne at Dicken’s Farm

Click here to view pictures from the funeral.

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