The Harbinger & Shemitah

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn discusses ancient biblical prophesy known as The Harbinger that concerns the future of America.

Is 2015 the year of global economic collapse? Author Jonathan Cahn compares God’s dealings with America to the way God dealt with Israel in the 8th century.

Times & Seasons – PDF

Is there an ancient mystery that foretells America’s future? A Biblical Prophecy decoded by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

We are officially re-releasing Jonathan Cahn’s Message to America. We at Hope of the World have confirmed that we have the proper legal rights to distribute this video online. Please feel free to copy and share to all of your friends!

Jonathan Cahn Rabbi/Pastor of the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, NJ gives the Keynote Address at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, 1/21/13 The unofficial gathering, which included members of Congress, government leaders and Christian ministers, took place just one hour before Obama took the oath of the presidency.

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